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‘Stute Board Reelected For 2014/15 Season.

‘Stute Board Reelected For 2014/15 Season.

This year’s annual general meeting of Institute Football Club, which took place on Monday night at the Riverside Stadium, has resulted in the reelection of the club hierarchy on the eve of their upcoming Northern Ireland Premier League campaign.

As such, Keith McElhinney, Trevor Hewitt, and Billy Smallwoods have been reinstated respectively as Chairman, Vice Chairman, and as Club Secretary – while the remainder of the meeting allowed for the incumbent board to begin preparations for the approaching footballing term.

Discussing key focal points such as fixture arrangements, squad development, financial records and sponsorship deals, as well as outlining important subcommittees, and finalising outstanding details from the club’s acclaimed Nathan Carter event, the board have clearly cemented their intentions to see Institute stage a successful challenge this year under the guidance and leadership of themselves and the managerial team.

Club Secretary Billy Smallwoods, speaking after the meeting, noted his delight at being reelected to the committee.

“Keith McElhinney and Trevor Hewitt return as Chairman and Vice Chairman, and myself as Secretary, and I’m delighted to be reinstated in the role.”

“We’re also proud to announce one particular fresh face to the committee – Louise Connor has been a devoted servant of this club for quite a while now and she’s been rewarded for this through her election as a much needed female board member.”

“This signifies the club’s progression, and shows our desire to attract new and innovative thinkers to get involved at the club, particularly those who wouldn’t fit the stereotypes associated with the sport’s standard following.”

“What’s most important is that we can turn our attentions to football and to the running of the club, and can pour our energies into overseeing the growth of Institute Football Club over the next few years.”

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