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Match Review – Institute Vs Coleraine

By Cian Lanigan

It was a disappointing and confusing game for Institute on a day when they had the lion share of possession and more shots than their opposition.

Coleraine managed to look relatively comfortable throughout the game, rarely falling under serious pressure, despite having less possession and less shots.

The question that beckons is how could Institute become more clinical in front of goal?

There were promising signs amongst the frustration. Striker Darren McFadden’s link up play was impressive at times with some neat touches and layoffs to teammates.

Ultimately in a system where McFadden is a loan striker, he needs to be more of a goal threat in the box, especially when the delivery in from wide areas is finding the target area from danger man Robbie Hume, whose delivery was a constant threat throughout the game, whilst the deliveries were good there were not enough runs into the box from midfield to pose enough of a threat to the Coleraine defence.

The defence on a whole looked fine, apart from a hiccup in the opening minute of the game which led to the first Coleraine goal, in a flat back four, teams can leave themselves open to attacks, but the pressure system of having a high line worked well for Institute on a whole, although the high line led to the midfield which sat quite deep and then the defence to be very compact and then in turn not being able to make as much use of the wide areas.

Throughout the game the midfield were comfortable in possession and neat on the ball at the same time. With not as much direct football as people are used to seeing at this level which is definitely encouraging for the team, but a lack of tracking midfield runs from the Coleraine team was costly.

Overall, there were definite signs of encouragement for Institute and if they continue to play in the same, positive manner, results will soon pick up.

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