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Marty Gallagher – Q & A

Position: Goalkeeper

Height: 5ft.10

Age:  26

Previous clubs:  Derry City

Honours: Intermediate cup, twice championship league

Follow Marty on Twitter:  @martyg26101

Best moment playing for ‘Stute: Intermediate cup final in Windsor, which we won!

Best moment playing football: as a kid

Funniest moment in football:  Playing at the Ovalal and Decklan McKeever trying to cross the ball but falls over.

Best player played with:  Shane Ferguson

Favourite all time player: Shay Given

Worst outfits at ‘Stute: Sean roddy

Favourite movie:  Road to Perdition

Favourite food/drink:. Coke and steak and chips

Favourite holiday destination:  Barcelona

Superstitions pre match:. left boot/ left glove on first

Ronaldo or Messi: Messi all day

Best in position: Shay Given

Quickest player:.  Andy Devlin

Slowest player:  Mickey McCrudden

Most skilful:  Darryl McDermott

Diva: Gareth Brown

Worst banter:   Aaron Harkin

Strongest:  Stevie Od

Weakest:  Mickey McCrudden

Worst taste in music:. Japper

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