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Manager’s Comments After Yesterday’s Defeat

Condolences Paul, what do you think went wrong for your side today?

“Well we didn’t get to grips with the game physically, we didn’t get any breaking balls, and we just weren’t quick enough to defend the first couple of goals. I’m obviously still disappointed from what happened last Tuesday as well, and there may have been some dubious decisions from the referee again today, but I can’t make a proper comment on that until I see the goals again online.”

Are there any positives that you can take from your team’s performances here?

“We kept going, that’s the most important thing, it was a flattering scoreline for them, but we simply lacked the cutting edge today that we’ve displayed in our opening matches this season. We didn’t compete enough in the midfield, but we also had a few youngsters in the team here, and a game likes this one may have been a bit much for them.”

You’ve made a few changes in your last two outings, is there something of an injury crisis in your camp at the minute?

“Well there are injuries, Michael McCrudden and Cormac Burke are both out, they’re vital players in our squad, any team at this level would miss players of their quality, and so we’re suffering without them. With that, the players that have come in haven’t had enough game time, so it was difficult for them to come into this game today.”

Lastly, how will you look to steer your team back on track after two defeats on the trot?

“We just have to keep going, it’s a difficult league, and we knew it was going to be a difficult season. We started very well but expectations have to be monitored, and people need to understand that we’re a small club making our way with players who need to learn the Premiership. That’s what they’ve done today though, they’ve learned that the Premiership is a hard and uncompromising division, and that’s also what Glenavon are, an uncompromising team – so as I say, we just didn’t get to grips with the match today, but we’ll learn from it and move on.”

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