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Institute v Portadown: 2pm kick-off

We look forward to welcoming Portadown to our temporary home at Wilton Park tomorrow. Kick-off is at 2.00 pm due to the change in daylight saving time and the fact that there are no floodlights
at Wilton. Last weeks victory over the Welders ensured we got off to a good start in relation to our run of home games and we hope that we can continue our good run tomorrow.

Portadown have not had such a good start to their season but we can be sure that they will be looking to turn things around. Consequently we will not be underestimating their potential and we
can be certain that Paddy McLaughlin will be on the ball when it comes to ensuring our lads do not approach any games this season with anything resembling a sense of complacency.

So far, the players have been doing a great job given the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in.  The coming run of home games will now provide our supporters with an opportunity to do their bit, so let’s give our lads the support that they so richly deserve.

A big thanks too to Churchill FC and Brigade CC who have gone out of their way to facilitate us. It’s wonderful to see our local sports clubs working together when crisis strikes. The bar in Brigade CC will be open from 12.00 am tomorrow and there will be football on the TV both before and after our game. We hope that both home and away supporters will avail of this excellent facility.

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