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Dundela Preview

Institute manager Paul Kee might be giving his players some Rocky style training this week.

Although they are unlikely to be chasing a chicken, he has stated they may get their boxing gloves on, as he looks for them to bounce back at Championship One leaders Dundela, this Saturday (KO 2pm).

Following their first defeat of the league campaign at Ballyclare Comrades last weekend, Kee was fuming that once their lack of work-rate and desire was questioned and because of it the ’Stute boss may take some drastic measures.

“To be honest it’s getting a bit boring talking about hunger and desire, because that’s the basics,” stated Kee.

“At the end of the day there are two things that you can do about that, if we can’t cajole players into being hungry and have desire to play then you either change the management or change the players and at this minute in time I’m not planning on going anywhere, so it looks like players will have to be changed.

“It’s down to the players, we are giving them the opportunity to play and they don’t realise it could be their last game, that’s the way life is and you should play the game as if it’s your last.

“Look if we have to start doing boxing sessions and running the players up and down the side of hills to give them more hunger, then we’ll do that.

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“The players are going to have to take a long hard look at themselves and I’ll be interested to see who’s hurting and what they do in their social life.”

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