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Diarmuid McDermott – Q & A

Which squad: Senior
Players Name: Diarmuid McDermott
Position: Centre Back
Height:: 5,10
Age: 18
Previous Clubs: Oxford united
Honours: Northern Ireland Cup 3x, Foyle Cup
Twitter Username: Mcdermott1998
Best moment playing for ‘Stute: Scoring a hatrick on debut for the club
Best moment playing football: Winning the NI Cup for the second time
Funniest moment in football: Being coached by Marco the Portuguese man
Best player played with: Nathan gartside
Favourite all time player: Carlos Puyol
Worst outfits at ‘Stute: Anything Aaron Jarvis wears
Favourite movie: Step brothers
Favourite band/music: The high kings
Favourite food/drink: Chicken box pizza
Favourite holiday destination: Spain
Superstitions pre match: Few prayers
Ronaldo or Messi: Ronaldo
Superstitions pre match: Few prayers
Quickest player: Callum moorehead
Slowest player: Connor McCourt
Most skilful: Emmet o hará
Diva: Aaron jarvis
Worst banter: Alex pomeroy
Strongest: Shane Boyle
Weakest: Caoimbhin mccallion
Worst taste in music: Emmett o hará

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