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Chairman’s Christmas Message

As 2016 draws to a close it is comforting to reflect on our current league position compared to where we were this time last year. I think this is indicative of the progress that our manager, coaches and players have made. This has not been achieved without sacrifice on their part and I know that they are currently in the process of preparing for our Boxing Day game at Dergview. So while the rest of us are free to overindulge and make merry, spare a thought for the lads who have had to curtail their Christmas celebrations for the benefit of the team and the club.
The last twelve months has produced some highs and lows but the most difficult times have been endured by those of us who have suffered from ill-health or have lost loved ones during the year. For those of you who have been affected by ill-health or family loss, you should know that the wider football family at Institute have you in our thoughts.
Finally, a word or two to all our volunteers, supporters and sponsors. It is an impossible task to run a successful football club without the continued backing of dedicated volunteers, resilient and good humoured supporters and generous sponsors. Together, you form the heart of the club. Indeed, you are the foundation on which this clubs long and proud history is based and our future is as dependent on you as it is on what happens on the pitch. Thank you all for your efforts and support over the last 12 months.
A happy Christmas and a healthy and peaceful new year to you all.

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  1. Robert Sookermany

    Good Luck in your quest to become champions! Follow your club each and every week on the net from Toronto.

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